PfA Factsheets: Supported Internships

We have published two factsheets.

Supported -internships -contentSupported internships

This factsheet is about supported internships. Supported Internships are personalised study programmes based primarily at an employer's premises. They are designed to better enable young people with severe learning difficulties and/or disabilities to achieve sustainable paid employment by equipping them with the skills they need for the workplace.

This factsheet covers:

  • why the Government is introducing supported internships;
  • who supported internships are for;
  • who can offer supported internships;
  • what supported internships are;
  • how supported internships are funded;
  • how to set up a supported internship; and
  • examples of supported internships.

You can download the factsheet here.


Study -programmes -factsheet -content2Study programmes

This factsheet is about study programmes. Study programmes are publicly-funded programmes of learning for 16 to 19 year olds, or 16 to 25 year olds where the student has a learning difficulty assessment or Education, Health and Care plan, which are based on a young person's prior attainment and designed to meet clear educational and career aspirations.

This factsheet covers:

  • what is a study programme?
  • how are study programmes funded?
  • what will study programmes look like for students with LDD?
  • examples of study programmes for students with learning difficulties and/or disabilities

 You can down the fact sheet here.