Ben: Career choice

ben_sectionBen is 17 years old and has a real passion and talent for graffiti art. He is currently working towards an art award at Mayfield school. Recently, he worked on a graffiti project in school with a professional graffiti artist, creating a masterpiece on the outside of the school for everyone to see.

Ben designed the graffiti and created stencils as part of the preparation for the piece.

By working with a professional graffiti artist on this project, and demonstrating his abilities, Ben will now doing work experience with the Graffiti Workshop Company, going into local primary schools, passing his skills on to others, and helping them to create their own graffiti artworks.

Ben has realised that he wants to explore graffiti art as a career, and this work experience will introduce him to possible employment opportunities. Ben's confidence has shot up because of what he's achieved and the opportunities that he has created for the future.

Everyone at Mayfields School is very proud of what he has achieved and they say: "the Graffiti looks fantastic!"


This story has been reproduced from the Getting A Life programme website with kind permission.