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Supported -interships -2016 

Download our factsheet on supported internships. In it we explain:

  • why the Government is introducing supported internships;
  • who supported internships are for;
  • who can offer supported internships;
  • what supported internships are;
  • how supported internships are funded;
  • how to set up a supported internship; and
  • examples of supported internships.

Download our easy read factsheet on supported internships. In it we explain:

  • what is changing about education and learning for 16-24 years old
  • what supported internships are
  • how supported internships work
  • how to find out about supported internships where you live
  • how to get a supported internship
  • funding a supported internship


What is a supported internship?

In this video Kathy explains what a supported internship is.

Watch it here.

What Is A Supported Internship - Kathy Video Still

Supported Internship with Shipley College

In this video James and Luke from Shipley College in Bradford talk about their experiences of taking part in a supported internship and the life-changing nature of being given the opportunity to work. Find out more about supported internships at Shipley College here.


Supported -internships -leeds _section

This film from Leeds City Council looks at supported internships in the area and the benefits for young people and employers. 

You can view it here

Supported -internships --city -of -oxford -section

This film from City of Oxford College looks at the success of their first supported internship programme. You can view it here